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quandonde urban intervention in art

The quandonde urban interventions in art (written in lowercase, common noun, ordinary) is a platform of actions in urban intervention that emerged in Curitiba, Brazil, in March 2012.

The use of the platform as a first name is due to the understanding which is constituted as a territory of tensions and affections that its members create between themselves and with the city. The city thus enters as a co-author of poetic events and actions are developed having as strategy the different ways of welcoming demands and propositions of the spaces in which they occur.


Another feature of the platform is that, since it is intended to be an open space, it has been permanently available since its creation to establish new networks with new participants, independent if them recognize themselves as artists or not.

What has united us in this time is the desire to des / re / construct the world from a poetic and collaborative perspective.

Working in the zone of tension arts / quotidian, we use hybrid procedures from different ways of being and acting in the world. It was through these paths that we made dozens of Poetic Exchanges Fairs, proposing non-mercantile affective exchanges with the passers of public spaces; or that we have transcribed to the paper more than a hundred letters dictated by citizens who opened their feelings under the condition that the letter will never delivered in Lost Letters; or that we walked clowns through the streets of cities around the world in actions of Itinerant Clowning; we made wanderings tours in impossible missions to perform except in poetic in Folded Spaces and Between Stumbles; we had meetings by overnight hosted in Nook to Sleep and many other things...


The platform performed actions in 26 cities in 9 Brazilian states, as well as in the South Africa, Republic of Angola, Togolese Republic, USA, France, Haiti, Paraguay, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, England and Belgium and participated in festivals such as Les Francophonies in Limousin (Limoges, FR), Quatre Chemins (Port-au-Prince and Petion Ville, RT), Pedras'18 (Lisbon, PT), Palco Giratório and Amostra Urbana (Curitiba, BR), La Plataformance (São Paulo, BR), among others.

And still more to come!

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